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Let’s connect the United States


World Mobile is on a mission to bring low-cost reliable internet access to under-connected areas within the United States using cutting-edge technology.

World Mobile provides the solution to connectivity


of Americans in rural areas lack coverage from fixed terrestrial 25/3 Mbps broadband.1


of Native Americans living on Indian reservation lands lack coverage from fixed terrestrial 25/3 Mbps broadband.1

0 million

people in the US live in digital deserts without broadband access or internet connectivity.2

How it works

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World Mobile utilizes both aerial and terrestrial infrastructure, blockchain technology, and hybrid connectivity to create an unstoppable people-run mobile network. Offering affordable ubiquitous coverage in extremely expensive coverage areas.

It’s time to roll out a better mobile network

One Super AirNode (aerostat) provides the same coverage as 12 traditional telecom towers. More people get fast, affordable connectivity, and more rewards are earned. Now that’s sustainable.

  • Build and maintain fewer sites
  • Lay fewer fiber cables
  • Reduce OpEx and CapEx

New Hampshire

We have been testing our network technologies across quaint towns and open spaces in New Hampshire.

Our Super AirNodes, coupled with our ground-based AirNodes, provide coverage and capacity in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

The sharing economy

World Mobile’s sharing economy underpins its unique network model, where infrastructure is owned and operated by the people. This ensures that everyone benefits from a mobile network that is both more efficient and less expensive than what is currently available.

Not your average network

Long-range solution

Our unique use of Super AirNodes provides vast coverage compared to traditional network towers.

Low-cost option

The Hybrid Dynamic Network provides a more cost-effective and efficient use of spectrum, solving both coverage and capacity restraints.

Sharing economy

By rewarding individuals to roll out and maintain the network, both capital and operational expenditure is reduced.

The further, the better

Our unique approach allows us to connect remote and high-cost locations still left offline without damaging quality of service.